We work collaboratively with other professionals and schools to help understand your child’s learning needs, provide intervention, and share recommendations for their learning environment.

Decodable Readers Australia provides resources to support teaching

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Children are not WIRED TO READ in the same way that they are for learning to talk. Explicit teaching in a clear, systematic and step by step manner is necessary for developing the ability to read and write. Teaching reading in this way is helpful for all, harmful to none and crucial for some. Reading resources that help support this method of teaching are called decodable readers and can be found at Decodable Readers Australia.

The simple view of reading is

Reading = Decoding x Comprehension

The five essential skills that need to be taught include

Phonemic awareness





A detailed overview of these skills can be found on the five from five website.

Five keys to reading

Speech Pathologists can assess each of these areas and provide recommendations for intervention.

Reports are provided to share and discuss with families, classroom teachers, learning support staff and other professionals.

For specific information about reading and writing disorders please visit the SPELD Qld website.

Reading & Writing Disorders

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