We create success with you & your child

We aim for your journey with S.P.E.E.C.H. to be varied and flexible to meet your child’s needs. The following factors are considered priorities in the design and delivery of a quality paediatric speech language pathology service:

  • Family friendly and community focused
  • Accessible and supportive
  • Evidence-informed practices
  • Working together (in partnerships)
  • Individualised goals

We build a caring supportive network

  • Assessment and advice
  • Individual therapy at the clinic
  • Group therapy programs
  • Allied Health Assistant sessions
  • Community visits to schools/ECEC
  • Attendance at team meetings
  • Shared goals with other therapists e.g. OT, PT, Psych
  • Telehealth sessions
  • Home programs and resources
  • Reports
  • Support referral pathways to other services
  • Child Safe Practices



We develop positive learning experiences

We play laugh and learn in our therapy sessions. Coming to S.P.E.E.C.H will help you feel reassured, supported and excited about helping your child reach
new milestones.

  • Saying their first words
  • Reading their first words
  • Saying new sounds
  • Understanding your questions
  • Enjoying a story
  • Taking turns in games
  • Making friends
  • Greeting others
  • Understanding homework and assignments
  • Starting conversations