At SPEECH Pty Ltd we strive to get everyone talking, listening and working together to facilitate communication outcomes for our clients.


Mission Statement 

Our dedicated team works collaboratively with families and their community to create quality, evidence informed speech pathology services that are flexible, neuroaffirming and accessible. We offer a choice of programs and celebrate individual communication achievements.Together we learn, build relationships, and have fun while supporting children, teenagers, and families on their therapy journey. 

Our values which guide our behaviour within the S.P.E.E.C.H team and with clients are to be 

Supportive of communication goals 

Positive and professional  

Efficient, effective, and ethical  

Empathic and connected 

Community based and culturally respectful 

Holistic and family centred


Neuroaffirming Practice

At SPEECH we recognise that all children have individual strengths and needs. As therapists we work with families to understand how each child processes and learns from the environment so we can develop intervention plans and strategies that are neuroaffirming. This means in therapy together we are FLEXIBLE. We  

Find ways to connect and build relationships;  

Listen to children and families validating their communication;  

Ensure assessment is dynamic and fit for purpose;  

Explore solutions together for interacting in different environments

Identify and support sensory needs;  

Build communication skills to support participation;  

Learn from each other;  

Educate the community about neurodiversity 

We aim to support the development of skills in therapy as well as coach families, provide resources and communicate with other professionals and educators so this learning continues at home and in the community.