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Late talkers are at a higher risk for later & literacy difficulties and therefore, early identification and language & literacy difficulties and therefore, early intervention is important.

By 2, children should be able to say more than 50 single words, put two words together e.g. “bye teddy”, and use most vowel sounds and a variety of consonants. 2 years SPA milestones

Parents have an important role in developing their child’s speech and language on a daily basis, alongside a speech pathologist.

It’s important to begin treatment of stuttering some time shortly after onset during preschool years (before starting school) – one year at most. While many preschool children who stutter will resolve naturally, we cannot predict which will so early intervention is recommended.

Stuttering and Children Younger than Six Years

Using sign language is a great way to compliment the development of language.

Key Word Sign Australia

Speech and language skills are the building blocks for learning to read.

Parent resources

Speech and language intervention can begin in infancy. For children who are at risk of communication difficulties, early intervention can increase the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes.


No, you do not need a referral. Call 1800 SPEECH to book an appointment.  

Research has identified that a family history of speech and language disorders is a significan risk factor for speech and language delay in children. 

It is recommended that your child should have a hearing test prior to your first appointment. Talk to your GP about a referral.